Andy García Biography

Andy García Biography
Andy García (born April 12, 1956) is a Cuban-American actor.


Andy García was born Andrés Arturo García in Havana, Cuba, into a well-to-do family. He had a partially formed Siamese twin, which appeared as a tennis ball-sized growth on his shoulder. The twin was successfully removed. When Garcia was 5, the invasion of Cuba by anti-Castro forces failed, and the family had to move to Miami, Florida, where they did various types of work in order to survive. Over a period of several years, however, they built up a million-dollar perfume company. García went to Miami Beach Senior High School , where he played on the basketball team. During his last year in high school, however, he became seriously ill, which made him decide on acting as a future career.

Garcia began acting at Florida International University, but went soon after to Hollywood. He started to perform in very short roles, and worked as waiter and in a warehouse when he had no job in the film industry. His chance arose when he was offered a role as a gang member in the first episode of the popular TV series Hill Street Blues. Director Brian de Palma liked his performance in the 1986 movie 8 Million Ways to Die and engaged him the following year for The Untouchables, which made Garcia a popular Hollywood actor. In 1989, Francis Ford Coppola was casting The Godfather Part III. The character Vincent Corleone, the son of Sonny Corleone, was an exceptional part which many actors wanted. Garcia was not only one of the few actors capable of carrying the part, but he also bore an uncanny resemblance to Robert De Niro, who played the role of young Vito Corleone, Vincent's grandfather, in The Godfather Part II. The role thus went to Garcia, who earned an Academy Award nomination as Best Supporting Actor for his performance and became an internationally acclaimed star.

In the following years, Andy García has played in all kinds of films, in which he has always left the imprint of his talent. He has appeared also in several TV films. He is, however, a man of principles and chooses his roles according to them, more than for money reasons. He has therefore gained the respect and admiration of directors, producers and colleagues, and the sympathy of the audiences. While not in the same vein of movie stars dominating the box office, Garcia has remained equally strong in both leading and supporting roles. One of his more well known films was the 2001 remake of Ocean's Eleven, which had Garcia in fine form as Terry Benedict, the ruthless Las Vegas mogul who just happens to be seeing the estranged wife (Julia Roberts) of George Clooney's character. Garcia reprised the role in the 2004 sequel although many noted that the part was significantly smaller than the villain he played in the first film. He is currently at work on The Lost City which he co-wrote, directs, and stars in, alongside Dustin Hoffman and Bill Murray.

Andy García is proud of his Cuban heritage, which is present in his life. He is a very private person. In 1982, he married María Victoria Lorido. The couple have 4 children.

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