Angela Taylor Biography

Angela Taylor Biography
Angela Taylor is one of five girls in her family. When she's not modeling, Angela can be found on a beach working on that all over tan she is famous for. Angela Taylor also recently started fashion and interior design.



Angela was born in Santa Barbara, California of American Indian heritage. At an early age Angela Taylor new she wanted to be an entertainer.

Taylor was in every talent show, sport and in front of every camera she could find. Being a very late bloomer, none of this paid off until she turned 21. When Taylor shot her first issues of Playboys Newsstand Specials. From there on out it was travel, travel, travel. Angela never limited herself as to what she could do.

Being 5'8 with a leg span of 38 inches Angela was able to work in a ton of different markets. Angela is now represented by Wilhelmina models doing many high fashion print jobs, campaigns and runway shows. Angela Taylor is on the cover of July issue of DT magazine. Angela Taylor back-up sings and dances for Julio Inglesias around the world. Just signed a recording contract of Angela Taylor's own and has a single due out in January called "Inside". For the love of being naked, she manages her own Playboy website, and still has time to pet her cats

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