Anna Paquin Biography

Anna Paquin Biography
Anna Paquin (b. July 24, 1982) is an Academy Award-winning actress.



Born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, and the child of two teachers, Anna Paquin moved to New Zealand when she was four. Her debut performance, in the 1993 film The Piano, which was widely regarded as extraordinary even by critics who didn't like the film, saw her win an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress; at eleven, she was the second-youngest person to win an Oscar. She gave a very memorable acceptance speech noted for her overwhelmed reaction and breathlessness.

After having started her secondary education in Wellington, New Zealand, Anna Paquin completed her secondary education in Los Angeles, and took several well-regarded roles in various movies while doing so. She studied at Columbia University for one year, but has been on a leave of absence in order to continue her acting career. She returned to worldwide prominence with her role as Rogue in the blockbuster X-Men movie in 2000, its sequel in 2003, and is set to star in the third installment set for a 2006 release. She lives in New York.

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