Anthony Kiedis Biography

Anthony Kiedis Biography

Anthony Kiedis (born November 1, 1962) is the lead singer of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. He and bassist Flea founded the California-based funk/rock group in 1983. Kiedis is well known for his charismatic and energetic stage presence and soulful lyrics.



Anthony Kiedis was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan to John Kiedis (a.k.a. Blackie Dammet) and Margaret "Peggy" Idema who divorced in 1968, when he was 5. He lived with his mother in Grand Rapids until he was 11, then in California with his father. He has two half-sisters, Julie and Jenny and a half-brother, James. He lost his virginity on his 12th birthday to one of his father's girlfriends. Around this time Anthony met current Red Hot Chili Pepper bassist 'Flea' and the late former guitarist Hillel Slovak at Fairfax High School.

Kiedis admits that his main influences as a musician are the Rolling Stones and world famous guitarist Samir Gossain.

Kiedis has had many struggles with drug addiction, including heroin and cocaine. His father introduced him to drugs at the age of 12. He initially became clean after the death of band member Hillel Slovak for 5 years, but relapsed many times, until finally becoming clean again in early 2002 to present. He has admitted to temptations of another relapse but so far has managed to stay clean.

Anthony Kiedis claims that his dog, Buster (named after one of his all-time favorite comedians, Buster Keaton) has taken a big part in helping him stay clean from drug abuse. Buster, a Rhodesian Ridgeback, has since died.

Anthony Kiedis appeared as an actor in Point Break playing Tone, the surfer, with Keanu Reeves in 1991, and in "The Chase" in 1994 with Flea playing Will. His earlier work saw him adopting the stage name "Cole Dammet" (after his father's nickname) and starring as Sylvester Stallone's son in the film F.I.S.T.

Anthony Kiedis and his band are currently working on a new album titled "Stadium Arcadium" which is due to be released in May 2006.

In 2004 Anthony Kiedis published a memoir named Scar Tissue which made it as high as 17th on the New York Times Bestseller List.

Anthony Kiedis is 5'9" and has nine tattoos.

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