Brittany Daniel Biography

Brittany Daniel Biography
Brittany Daniel (born on March 17, 1976 in Gainesville, Florida, USA) is an actress, well known for her role as Jessica Wakefield in the television series Sweet Valley High, who she co-starred with her twin sister, Cynthia Daniel. Both of them began modeling at age eleven in print ads. They have appeared in magazines such as Seventeen and YM.



In 1992, when Brittany Daniel was sixteen, she won a role on Swan's Crossing. Brittany Daniel moved to New York. After high school, the Brittany Daniel and her twin sister landed roles in Sweet Valley High and a Doublemint gum campaign. Although Cynthia Daniel took a break from acting, Brittany continued to act in both television and films. Most noticeably, Brittany Daniel played Eve in season 3 of Dawson's Creek, and teamed up with the Wayans Brothers for their films White Chicks and Little Man.

Currently Brittany Daniel is starring in The CW Television Network's half hour comedy The Game.

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