Brittany Snow Biography

Brittany Snow Biography
Brittany Snow (born on March 9, 1986 in Tampa, Florida) is an American television and film actress.


Brittany Snow Biography

Brittany Snow is perhaps best known for playing Meg Pryor on television's American Dreams. Snow had a popular role at age 12 as troubled teen Susan Lemay on Guiding Light from 1998 to 2001. Brittany had been dating actor Kyle Searles since 2003, but recently said in an interview about The Pacifier that they were no longer together after 2-and-a-half-years.

Brittany Snow became the sixth victim and the seventh star ever to be featured on Punk'd more than once. Snow's first appearance is when she was tricked by Ashton Kutcher after she crashed into a portapotty with her car, making one man sick. Brittany's second is when she tricked One Tree Hill's Sophia Bush after Bush pushed a waiter with her butt and crashed into a tank full of lobsters.

Brittany Snow was a straight-A student. She once got a B on a report card, but her parents got her a tutor to help her get back on track.

Brittany Snow is also friends with One Tree Hill's Sophia Bush and Bethany Joy Lenz.

In a 2003 interview on her official website, Brittany Snow admitted to her fans of being a notorious blusher as she embarrasses far too easily. To a fan's question of "What makes you blush?", Brittany's response was as follows: 

Any comments abut s--ual stuff or bodily functions make me blush. I am a sissy when it comes to that stuff. I also blush when people pay me a compliment.

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