Brooke Langton Biography

Brooke Langton Biography
Brooke Langton (born November 27, 1970 in Arizona) is an American actress.


Raised in Texas, Brooke Langton's best known role on a television series was as Samantha Reilly Campbell on Melrose Place. She also appeared alongside Keanu Reeves and Gene Hackman in the 2000 film, The Replacements. She is married to Internet Executive, Carl Hagmier.

Brooke Langton began her career as a model, working primarily in Japan. Like many before her, she made the transition to acting beginning on TV in 1992 episodes of such series as "Freshman Dorm" and "Beverly Hills, 90210". But her first real break came two years later when she was chosen to be leading lady to William McNamara in "The Wyatts", an unsold Fox pilot which did run as a TV-movie.  That same year, Brooke Langton played daughter to Joan Van Ark and Stephen Macht in "Moment of Truth: A Mother's Deception" (NBC), in which Van Ark stuns her family by joining a cult.

Brooke Langton had her first regular series role in "Extreme" (ABC, 1995), as Sarah Bowen, a waitress turned rescue team member working for James Brolin. She continued in TV-movies with the lead as a woman harassed by a deranged man but whose judge father can do nothing to help her in "Eyes of the Stalker" (NBC, 1995). Langton also played the girlfriend to Jonathan Silverman's "The Single Guy" in several 1995 episodes.

Although a buzz was created around her based on her role in "Swingers", Brooke Langton had made her film debut as a junkie in "Terminal Velocity" (1994). She went on to play a woman in the life of a young movie star in Matthew Harrison's "Project 61" (lensed in 1996) and was the object of single night's competition between a young man and a cop in "Reach the Rock" (1998). Following her stint on "Melrose", she inherited Sandra Bullock's big screen role of Angela Bennett in the USA Network spin-off series "The Net" (1998-99). Langton offered fine support to Alicia Witt in the festival-screened comedy "Playing Mona Lisa" and tackled the romantic lead opposite Keanu Reeves in "The Replacements" (both 2000).

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