Carice van Houten Biography

Carice van Houten Biography
Carice van Houten (born on September 5, 1976) is a Dutch stage and film actress. Carice van Houten won three Golden Calves for her roles in Suzy Q (1999), Undercover Kitty (2001), and Black Book (2006).


Houten was born on September 5, 1976 in Leiderdorp, the Netherlands. Carice van Houten's mother Margje Stasse is on the board of Dutch educational TV and her father Theodore van Houten is a writer and broadcaster. Carice has a younger sister Jelka van Houten, who is also an actress. She went to the St. Bonifatiuscollege (high school) in Utrecht, where she played the leading role in Hugo Claus' Tijl Uilenspieghel, directed by Ad Migchielsen. She studied at the Kleinkunstacademie in Amsterdam.

Carice van Houten is in a relationship with actor Sebastian Koch, her co-star in Black Book.

Carice played her first leading role in Martin Koolhoven's TV film Suzy Q. Van Houten won a Golden Calf for her part as Suzy.  Van Houten has also won the Pisuisse Award and the Top Naeff Award for her stage acting and another Golden Calf for her part as the kitten that becomes a girl in Undercover Kitty (2001).

Carice won a Golden Calf for her performance as Rachel Stein in the 2006 film Black Book at the Netherlands Film Festival. Black Book's director Paul Verhoeven says about her in a television interview: "Never in my life I have worked with an actress this talented." and when he is asked to compare her with Sharon Stone he says: "Carice can really act". The international press is also enthusiastic about her role in Black Book. Dick Schümer writes in his review of the film in the Frankfurter Allgemeine that Carice is "not only more beautiful, but also a better actress than Scarlett Johansson".

In December 2006, Carice withdrew from a theatre production of Alex van Warmerdam due to personal reasons. According to a spokesman of the theatre it was because of a work overload.

Right now, it is well rumored that Carice may play the leading bond girl role in Bond 22.

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