Carlos Slim Biography

Carlos Slim Biography
Carlos Slim (born January 28, 1940 in Mexico City) is a Mexican businessman. Carlos has a substantial influence over the telecommunications industry in Mexico and in much of the rest of Latin America as well.


Carlos Slim controls Teléfonos de México (Telmex), Telcel and América Móvil companies. Though Carlos maintains an active involvement in his companies, Slim's three sons Carlos Slim Domit, Marco Antonio Slim Domit and Patrick Slim Domit and his son in law Daniel Hajj Aboumrad, head them on a day-to-day basis.

A July 3, 2007 report by Mexican financial journalist Eduardo Garcia indicated that Carlos' wealth had exceeded that of Microsoft founder Bill Gates, making him the world's wealthiest person. Recent gains in his shares in the America Movil group are largely responsible for his recent increase in wealth, boosting his fortune to an estimated $67.8 billion compared with $59.2 billion for the Microsoft mogul.

His father, Julián Slim Haddad Aglamaz, a Lebanese from Jezzine in southern Lebanon, moved to Mexico City in 1902. Julián established a dry goods store called La Estrella del Oriente (Star of the Orient) in 1911 and purchased real estate in the city center. Julián married the daughter of another prosperous merchant, who had also emigrated from Lebanon. They had 6 children, of whom Carlos was the youngest.

Carlos Slim has been vice-president of the Mexican Stock Exchange and president of the Mexican Association of Brokerage Houses. Carlos Slim was the first president of the Latin-American Committee of the New York Stock Exchange Administration Council, and was in office from 1996 through 1998.

Carlos Slim was on the Board of Directors of the Altria (Previously Philip Morris) Group (resigned in April, 2006) and Alcatel. Carlos Slim was on the Board of Directors of SBC Communications until July 2004 to devote more time to the World Education & Development Fund, which focussed on infrastructure, health and education projects. Carlos Slim is also the Majority Shareholder of CompUSA

Carlos Slim built an important Mexican financial-industrial empire, Grupo Carso, which owns, among other companies the CompUSA electronic retail chain. After 28 years he became the Honorary Lifetime Chairman of the business. He is also Chairman of Teléfonos de Mexico, América Móvil, and Grupo Financiero Inbursa.

Carlos gained notoriety when he led a group of investors that included France Télécom and Southwestern Bell Corporation in buying Telmex from the Mexican government in 1990 in a public tender during the presidency of Carlos Salinas.

Carlos was once MCI's largest shareholder, with 13 percent ownership. On April 11, 2005, The Wall Street Journal announced that he had sold his stake in MCI to Verizon Communications of the United States.

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