Chiaki Kuriyama Biography

Chiaki Kuriyama Biography
Chiaki Kuriyama, born Kuriyama Chiaki (栗山 千明), October 10, 1984 in Tsuchiura, Ibaraki Prefecture), is a Japanese actress.



From age 11 Chiaki Kuriyama saw work as a child model and minor television and film roles, including Toire no Hanako-san (1995).

Kuriyama first achieved widespread recognition in Japan for her starring roles in the horror movies Shikoku (1999) and Ju-on (2000). Later in 2000, Chiaki appeared in the action picture Battle Royale; although this movie featured an ensemble cast and allowed Kuriyama relatively little screen time, many viewers felt that her scenes were particularly memorable.

After notable appearances in Japanese TV series including Rokubanme no Sayoko, Chiaki Kuriyama made her Hollywood debut in director Quentin Tarantino's 2003 Kill Bill, Volume I. In Kill Bill, Kuriyama played the part of 'Gogo Yubari'—a cartoonish, manriki wielding, teenage schoolgirl yakuza bodyguard of 'O-Ren Ishii'. Despite the movie's primarily English script, Kuriyama's dialogue was all in Japanese.

Despite her diminutive size — fan sources indicate that she stands 1.62 m (5 ft 4 in) tall and weighs 40 kg (88 lb) ([1]) — Chiaki Kuriyama creates a distinctive onscreen presence through her ability to appear alternately, or in some cases simultaneously, winsome and menacing. Thus, her career, especially her Battle Royale and Kill Bill roles, can be seen as a variation on the violent yet feminine action-hero-cum-s---symbol type popularized in the West by examples such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Tomb Raider.

Chiaki Kuriyama's upcoming appearances include major roles in Azumi 2: Death or Love, a samurai drama, and Yōkai Daisensō, a monster movie from Takashi Miike, along with a cameo in the Steven Seagal vehicle Into the Sun. She is also reportedly learning to speak English.


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