Chris Evans Biography

Chris Evans Biography
Chris Evans (born on June 13, 1981) is an American actor.


Chris was born in Sudbury, Massachusetts to a dentist father and a dancer mother; Chris Evans is of Irish and Italian descent and is a Catholic.

Chris decided to be a professional actor during his junior year of high school. He interned at a casting office in New York during the following summer while also taking acting lessons.

During that summer Chris Evans met an agent who helped him start his acting career by getting him a role in the TV series Opposite S--. However it was his starring role in the 2001 comedy film Not Another Teen Movie that brought him major attention. The film contained a somewhat notorious spoof of the Varsity Blues movie, where (to attract the attention of a girl) Chris entered the room wearing nothing more than whipped cream around his nipples, crotch and a banana sticking out of his backside.

Chris went on to co-star in films such as The Perfect Score, Cellular and London. Chris is perhaps best known for starring in 2005's Fantastic Four as Johnny Storm, A.K.A. the Human Torch. The film was a surprise international hit. Evans dated 7th Heaven actress Jessica Biel from 2001 until 2006. He and Biel were both featured in Cellular and London. Evans has since been linked with singer Jessica Simpson and supermodel Gisele Bundchen.

Some of Chris' recent projects include roles in the films Sunshine and Fierce People, both of which are forthcoming releases. Chris Evans will also reprise his role of Johnny Storm in a sequel to Fantastic Four .

Chris Evans Biography

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