Chris O'Donnell Biography

Chris O'Donnell Biography

Chris O'Donnell is an American actor. He was born on June 26th, 1970 in Winnetka, Illinois. He grew up in Chicago, where he still calls home.


Chris O'Donnell is the youngest of seven kids, four sisters and two brothers. O'Donnell, at the age of thirteen to the age of sixteen, began modeling and playing in commercials to try to get recognition for his talents in acting. Not too long after the young actor was discovered in a McDonald's commercial, In which he served Michael Jordan. At the age of seventeen O'Donnell was ready to quit the acting and modeling career until he was offered to audition for a part in the movie Men Don’t Leave. O'Donnell didn't really want to try for the role but his mother bribed him into going to the audition by telling him she would buy him a car if he landed the part. O'Donnell received the part and the car.

O'Donnell wasn’t originally going to go to college for acting, he actually wanted to go for a banking degree, but those plans quickly changed because of the rapidly arising movies and TV series. Chris finally graduated from Boston College with Bachelor’s Degree in marketing. O'Donnell also went to law school at UCLA.

Chris O'Donnell has starred in many successful movies such as Scent of a Woman (1992) and Fried Green Tomatoes (1991). In 1995 O'Donnell landed one of his biggest roles ever, Batman Forever in which he played Batman's accomplice, Robin. O'Donnell also played in Batman & Robin (1997) but this movie wasn't as successful as the earlier Batman movie. The final choice of the role for Robin was between O'Donnell and Leonardo DiCaprio.

In December of 1996, Chris O'Donnell proposed to his girlfriend Caroline Fentress whom he met while in college. Caroline Fentress was the sister of O’Donnell’s roommate in college. A photo of Chris and his bride appeared on the cover of People magazine.

Chris O'Donnell was once told by Al Pacino to never date an actress. Fentress is an elementary teacher. The couple have four children, their daughter Lilly Ann, born September 1999 in New Zealand. The second child Christopher Eugene O'Donnell Jr. was born October 24, 2000. Their third child was born on July 11, 2003 in Los Angeles, California, and named Charles McHugh O'Donnell. The couple recently announced the birth of their fourth child, a boy. The couple has not yet decided on a name.

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