Christa Campbell Biography

Christa Campbell Biography
Christa Campbell made her mark as the legendary Bettie Page in "From Pinup to S-- Queen: Bettie Page: The E! True Hollywood Story."


Christa Campbell's television credits are numerous, including appearances on programs that include "Summerland," "The X Show," "Unhappily Ever After" and The Jamie Kennedy Experiment. Her stunning presence has made her an international phenomenon as the host of the boxing sport show, 'Thunderbox', seen globally.

Christa Campbell's far-ranging roles in 2005 include the TV movie sci-F mystery "Deadly Water" and the action-thriller "End Game" with Cuba Gooding Jr. and James Woods. She'll be seen in 2006 in "Lonely Hearts," co-starring with John Travolta, James Gandolfini and Salma Hayek, and shares the screen with Nicholas Cage in the upcoming new version of the classic "The Wicker Man." Her captivating performance in 2001 Maniacs" can be seen on the film's DVD release in 2006.

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Where you've seen her:
A former host of the syndicated boxing show Thunderbox, she played Bettie Page in an episode of The E! True Hollywood Story, and was the first person killed in the new Sci Fi channel movie Mansquito. Catch her soon alongside Danny DeVito in the comedy Relative Strangers.

Role out!
This year you can find the luscious Christa popping up in all kinds of places, playing Josh Hartnett’s therapist in Mozart and the Whale (she’d better be playing Mozart or there’ll be hell to pay!), and an evil milkmaid in the horror flick 2001 Maniacs.

Sweet side:
"I play a lot of girlfriends. I guess I’m the arm candy."

We're feeling better already:
"You know, if you want to cast me as a nurse, I’ll be a nurse!"

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