Chuck Zito Biography

Chuck Zito Biography
Chuck Zito (born on March 1, 1953) is a member of the New York chapter of the Hells Angels, amateur boxer, martial artist, celebrity bodyguard, stuntman and actor.


Chuck grew up in The Bronx and New Rochelle, New York, the son of Italian-American parents Charles Zito and Gloria Frangione Zito.

Chuck Zito began boxing when he was a teenager, following in his father's footsteps. He competed in several amateur boxing matches, with mixed results. In 1973, Zito competed in his first Golden Gloves competition, winning his first two matches but losing his third.

The same year, Chuck Zito married his high-school friend Kathy and adopted her daughter, Lisa, and dropped out of high school.Zito worked at a series of manual jobs, and also purchased his first motorcycle. Soon after, along with several of his friends, Zito established the small New Rochelle Motorcycle Club. The club eventually merged with the larger Ching-a-Ling Nomads.

In 1979, Chuck Zito left the Ching-a-Lings to join the New York chapter of the Hells Angels. This caused a simmering dispute with his wife to boil over. Kathy left him and quickly filed for divorce. Some months later, the two reconciled. Although they continue to live together they have never remarried.

While attending a motorcycle show in 1980, Chuck Zito met one of the bodyguards for actor Robert Conrad. This experience inspired him to start his own bodyguard service, naming it Charlie's Angels Bodyguard Service, a reference to his Hells Angels affiliation. Chuck Zito's bodyguard business developed slowly, until he was hired by Liza Minnelli. She recommended his services to her celebrity friends, and he quickly started making contacts throughout Hollywood.

In 1985, Chuck Zito was indicted as part of the FBI's Operation Rough Rider and charged with trafficking amphetamine. Zito, who was traveling in Japan when he was charged, spent four months in a Japanese prison before being extradited to the United States. Chuck then spent a further fourteen months in an American prison after being denied bail. Although he continues to deny the charges, Zito eventually pled guilty. He claims that the federal attorneys had made a deal with him in which he would be sentenced to time served in return for his guilty plea. However he was sentenced to ten years, of which he served six.

Chuck Zito denies that he has ever been involved in drug trafficking. He further claims to have never even used drugs or consumed alcohol.

After Zito's release from prison, in 1990, Chuck returned to work as a bodyguard and as a stuntman. Chuck Zito's stunt roles started to evolve into small speaking parts. His acting career reached a new plateau in 1998, when he was offered a role in the HBO series Oz. On that show, he is a key Italian inmate named Chucky Pancamo who is one of the most physically intimidating inmates on the show.

Just before filming for Oz started, Chuck Zito received additional publicity when he punched Jean Claude Van Damme at a club after the actor and martial artist stated that "Chuck Zito has no heart".

In 1999, Chuck Zito made several appearances on the professional wrestling television show WCW Monday Nitro, portraying a supposed allience with Hulk Hogan.

In 2002, Zito co-authored the autobiographical Street Justice.


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