Constance Zimmer Biography

Constance Zimmer Biography
Constance Zimmer (born October 11, 1970, in Seattle) is an American actress. She currently (as of 2006) resides in Eagle Rock, California.



Constance Zimmer's past credits include Good Morning, Miami, Entourage, Joan of Arcadia, and In Justice.

Constance Zimmer is currently appearing as attorney Claire Simms on Season 3 of Boston Legal. She joined the regular cast in the episode "Lincoln".

Constance began her acting career in high school productions and fell in love with the craft. After graduation, she decided to audition for the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Los Angeles. She and the whole cast of (the now defunct) Good Morning, Miami became fundraisers for the AIDS Project-Los Angeles, Tuesday's Child, The American Cinematheque, and other charitable causes.

After appearing in national commercials (Duracell, Triscuit, Budweiser), many TV guest spots (Fighting Fitzgeralds, King of Queens, Seinfeld and Wayans Brothers), Constance Zimmer finally found steady work with Good Morning, Miami, until it was cancelled.

Constance Zimmer makes handmade jewelry, candles, greeting cards and many other self-designed endeavors. Constance Zimmer was a gymnast until she reached puberty. She has her own book club, which was a long-time dream of hers.

Constance Zimmer won the Best Actress Dramalogue for her performance in the Los Angeles play Catholic School Girls.

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