Dani Filth Biography

Dani Filth Biography

Daniel Lloyd Davey (born 25 July 1973, in Hertford, England) better known as Dani Filth after he legally changed his name to fit in with Cradle of Filth's image, is the lyricist and vocalist of the British melodic black metal band Cradle of Filth.


Dani Filth is also an artistic director for the band, and appeared in the movie Cradle of Fear as The Man, a deranged psychopath hell-bent on taking revenge on his father's persecutors. In 2003, he supplied the voice of a character called Dominator in an animated movie of the same name.

Dani Filth is the only member of Cradle of Filth who has been with the band since its formation in 1991, and has been accused by former band members (whom were dismissed) of regarding the group almost as his own solo project. His first band was called The Lemon Grove Kids.

Appeared on the Roadrunner United CD in 2005. Vocals "Dawn of a Golden Age".


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