Daniela Cicarelli Biography

Daniela Cicarelli Biography
Daniela Cicarelli (born on November 6, 1978, in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil) is a TV show hostess for MTV Brazil and also a model.



Daniela Cicarelli has been a model since age 12 and won the Elite national competition at 14. Daniela attracted attention in Brazil in early 2001 due to a Pepsi TV commercial and became very well known. In 2003 she began hosting a summer show for MTV Brasil, working in other shows on that channel since then. In 2003 Cicarelli started dating football player Ronaldo and this made her widely known in Spain as well, leading her to command fees ten times higher for appearing at fashion events.

At Daniela Cicarelli's wedding ceremony, held at the Château de Chantilly, she expelled Brazilian model Caroline Bittencourt from the place. The episode was reported in the French and Brazilian media. Months later Daniela suffered a miscarriage. The couple's breakup after 84 days of marriage was featured on the cover of many tabloids and magazines.

On September 18th, 2006 a paparazzi video showing Daniela Cicarelli on a beach in Spain in intimate positions with her boyfriend, the Merril Lynch employee Renato "Tato" Malzoni, leaked on the Internet and was uploaded at YouTube, but was deleted that same day. 

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