David Charvet Biography

David Charvet Biography
David Charvet (born on May 15, 1972 in Lyon, France) is an actor and singer.



David's father is Tunisian-born businessman Paul Guez. Charvet's mother, Christiane Charvet, was born in France. David Charvet and his siblings grew up speaking French as their first language. When David was nine years old, his father moved to the USA. Charvet won a green card through the "Morrison visa lottery" in the early 1990s. David is currently based in his native France where he acts and sings, and is seen on TV.

David Charvet dated co-star Pamela Anderson prior and during the second season of Baywatch. Charvet has never married. David is currently engaged to model-actress Brooke Burke and they are expecting their first child, a daughter together.

David Charvet (as he became known, apparently using his mother's maiden name as his professional name) caught his big break in 1992 on Baywatch as "Matt Brody" and remained with the show for three full seasons until 1995. Charvet also appeared as "Craig Field" on Melrose Place from 1996 to 1998.

David Charvet has released 3 albums in the past ten years and is currently working on his fourth to be released in late October 2006, "So we meet again".

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