Dougray Scott Biography

Dougray Scott Biography
Dougray Scott (born on November 25, 1965 as Stephen Scott) is a Scottish television and film actor.


Originally from Glenrothes, Fife, Scotland, Dougray Scott first found fame on the television series Soldier Soldier but was launched in film by the Welsh-set Twin Town, after which he played Prince Henry in Ever After and the hero in the adaptation of Robert Harris's novel Enigma. In 1998, he signed to play the villain in the film Mission: Impossible II but was also due to play Wolverine in the big screen version of X-Men. When Mission Impossible II went over schedule Scott was replaced by Hugh Jackman.

Dougray Scott  was once widely believed to be the leading candidate to replace Pierce Brosnan for the role of James Bond. Despite the numerous reports that Eon Productions was leaning towards naming Scott as the new Bond in the next 007 adventure Casino Royale, the famous role eventually went to Daniel Craig.

From an artistic angle, many analysts and moviegoers expressed their observations stating that Dougray Scott has many similarities to the legendary Sean Connery, the original James Bond.

Sometimes Dougray Scott is referred to as "Young Sean Connery", and also appeared in the NBC series "Heist" which is now cancelled. Similarity in acting style is also noted between Scott, and the late, and legendary, Steve McQueen.

Currently Scott is appearing in the 2006 miniseries The Ten Commandments as Moses.

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