Eddie Cibrian Biography

Eddie Cibrian Biography
Eddie Bryant Cibrian (born June 16, 1973 in Burbank, California) is an actor of Cuban descent.


He married Brandi Glanville in May 2001. His son, Mason Edward, was born in June 2003.

Eddie Cibrian has starred in The Young and the Restless, Baywatch Nights, Sunset Beach, Third Watch, Tilt, and Invasion. He has also guest-starred in Saved By The Bell, Sabrina, the Teenage Witch and Beverly Hills, 90210. His movie credits include Living out Loud, But I'm a Cheerleader and The Cave. He maintains a close friendship with his former Young and the Restless co-star, Joshua Morrow, and even formed a singing group with him called 3 Deep.

A soap opera hunk who successfully made the transition to primetime television while testing the feature film waters, Eddie Cibrian perfectly fit the tall, dark and handsome cliché. He proved more than just a pretty face, though, displaying an equal ease at playing a working class hero or a privileged playboy and stood apart from his boyish contemporaries with a decidedly mature masculine image. Encouraged by his parents, Cibrian began acting at age 12 and landed some commercial roles but quit working before long, bored and dissatisfied with the way show business cut into his adolescent pursuits. In college he returned to acting, taking commercial roles to earn extra money. With a refreshed attitude, he opted to concentrate on acting as a career. Guest shots on "The Bold and the Beautiful" (CBS) and "Saved By the Bell" (NBC) followed, and Cibrian would next land a part on "The Young and the Restless" (CBS) in 1994.

Eddie Cibrian Biography

Initially a limited role, his dastardly but popular Matt Clark ended up embroiled in a major storyline as a rapist and stuck around on the popular serial until 1996. Eddie Cibrianmoved to the syndicated spin-off "Baywatch Nights" later that year playing a photographer who helped to solve crimes, and stuck with the series from 1996-1997, starring alongside Angie Harmon and David Hasselhoff in a slightly edgier and more clothed version of the beach-set crime drama. When Ashley Hamilton walked away from the role of Cole Deschanel on NBC's relatively short-lived daytime drama "Sunset Beach" in 1997, Cibrian stepped in, thanks in part to the efforts of Hasselhoff, who championed the young actor. On "Sunset Beach", Cibrian got to play what he described as the "daytime version of James Bond", starring as a married rogue who surrounded himself with money, women, and fast cars. The requisite paternity mysteries and kidnapping dramas were represented, and Cibrian managed to make this largely despicable character quite charming, winning more than a few loyal fans as well as a nomination for a Soap Opera Digest award.

In 1998, Cibrian marked his feature debut, making quite an impression with a small but memorable turn as the erotic masseur hired to work on Holly Hunter's fed up divorcee Judith in the comedy "Living Out Loud". That same year he made his TV-movie debut playing the titular vigilante in the Chuck Norris-produced actioner "Logan's War: Bound By Honor" (CBS). A part in the Lifetime mockumentary "Jackie's Back" followed in 1999, but more notable that year was Cibrian's primetime series regular debut on NBC's drama "Third Watch". A fast-paced, hard-hitting look at the people who handle NYC's midnight emergencies, the show quickly won a following, and California boy Cibrian stood out as a convincing and compelling NYFD hero, displaying all the upstanding morality his soap characters lacked.

In 2000 Eddie Cibrian added to his film resume with a featured role in the satire "But I'm A Cheerleader". Here he parted from his usual macho fare with a delightfully campy turn as foxy Rock, the caretaker (and probable candidate for "treatment") of a homos--ual "rehabilitation" center owned by his overbearing mother (Cathy Moriarty). Riding high on the popularity of "Third Watch,” Cibrian was on the ascent, and would next appear as Joseph (of the coat of many colors) in the NBC biblical miniseries "In the Beginning" in 2000. Meanwhile, apart from his successful acting career, Cibrian branched out into singing, forming the pop vocal trio 3Deep with former "The Young and the Restless" co-star Joshua Morrow and Canadian singer-composer C J Huyer. The group enjoyed fame and strong record sales in Canada in 2000 and were working to make a breakthrough in the States as well.

Though “Third Watch” had run its course by 2005, Eddie Cibrian continued his upward trajectory both on film and on television. After a brief run on “Tilt” (2005), ESPN’s attempt to further profit off America’s unrelenting poker craze, Cibrian moved on to star in the pilot episode of “Invasion” (ABC, 2005- ), a supernatural drama set in a small Florida down beset by a hurricane that may have a connection to extraterrestrial beings. Network ordered 12 episodes for the 2005-2006 season. In the feature world, Cibrian starred in sci-fi horror thriller, “The Cave” (2005), playing an explorer who helps lead a pair of biologists into an elaborate cave system beneath the newly discovered ruins of a 13th century Romanian abbey. But instead of discovering an new ecosystem, as the biologists had hoped, the group finds a new species of unique and unwelcoming beings formed by the isolated environment. A clichéd storyline, unknown cast and lack of aggressive advertising ensured a $6 million opening weekend.





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