Gemma Atkinson Biography

Gemma Atkinson Biography

Gemma Atkinson (born October 17, 1984 presumably in Bury, Greater Manchester) is a British actress, who is best known for playing Lisa Hunter on the teenage soap opera Hollyoaks.


Gemma Atkinson and Marcus Patric (Ben Davies in Hollyoaks) subsequently appeared in a spin-off series called Hollyoaks Let Loose, in which their characters start a new life living together in Chester. This has been followed up with Hollyoaks: In the City, in which their characters return to the UK and set up home in Liverpool.

Gemma Atkinson also played Goldie Lookin Chain's love interest in their video 'R'n'B'. She also features on the cover of the single.

Before becoming an actress, Gemma Atkinson was a model. She is originally from Manchester and finished her education after studying GCSEs at Castlebrook High School.

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