Gillian Chung Biography

Gillian Chung Biography
Gillian Chung (Traditional Chinese: 鍾欣桐, born Chung, Ka-lai (鍾嘉勵) on 21 January 1981) is a member of the Cantopop group Twins; alongside Charlene Choi.


Gillian Chung is a Hong Kong pop singer and actress. She resides in the affluent Midlevels district in Hong Kong with her younger sister. Standing at just over five feet tall, Chung is a graduate of the Kowloon True Light Middle School and attended RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia. While at RMIT, she also worked as a part-time model.

In 2001, Gillian Chung was approached by Emperor Entertainment Group to form a singing group, Twins, with Charlene Choi, to whom she is not actually related. Initially, people did have difficulty telling the two apart, but they have since developed their own distinct personalities.

On August 22, 2006, Hong Kong magazine Easy Finder published a series of photos of Gillian Chung inside a changing room after a Twins concert at the Arena of Stars in Genting, Malaysia. The pictures were taken while she was in the changing room with her personal assistant. One of the cover photos shows Chung's bare back as she is fixing her bra backstage. Her breasts are not revealed. A second, smaller cover photo shows Chung undressed and naked from the shoulder up. The headline read, “Ah Giu releases bra near back window", using Chung's Chinese nickname.

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