Jaimee Foxworth Biography

Jaimee Foxworth Biography
Jaimee Foxworth (born 17 December 1979 in Belleville, Illinois) is an American actress who played the part of Judy Winslow, the youngest daughter, for four seasons on Family Matters. She was born on a military base.


Jaimee Foxworth's role in the long-running sitcom is notorious for falling under the Chuck Cunningham syndrome, since her character was written out of the show without explanation. Subsequent episodes have the Winslows acknowledging only two children.

The role of Judy was gradually reduced to make more room for Steve Urkel. In terms of popularity, Urkel quickly eclipsed all others on the show, and eventually many of the earlier performers were written out of the series altogether. Foxworth's character Judy was only the first of several characters to vanish mysteriously from the series as Urkel took over the show.

In the late 1990s, Jaimee Foxworth gained notoriety in tabloid publications for starting a career in the porn industry, under the pseudonym Crave. After two years and numerous videos (such as More Dirty Black Debutantes), she decided to leave and go public to cable channel BET with the news that she did pornographic videos because she was broke.

Jaimee Foxworth claimed that her parents squandered her trust fund and she had no money to her name. She reasoned that pornography was an easy way to make a lot of money. Financial, her pornographic career was successful for a time.

Jaimee Foxworth Biography

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