James Marsden Biography

James Marsden Biography
James Marsden (born 18 September 1973, Stillwater, Oklahoma, USA) is an American actor.



James Marsden played Cyclops in the film X-Men and its sequels, X2: X-Men United and X-Men 3. Marsden will also play Lois Lane's love interest, Richard White, in Bryan Singer's upcoming Superman Returns. He also appeared in the television series Ally McBeal, where he was also seen singing. Marsden also played Lon Hammond, Jr., in the romantic movie The Notebook, which was based on a Nicholas Sparks novel of the same name.

He is currently filming the hybrid animated/live action Disneymovie "Enchanted" due in theatre in November 2007.

James Marsden has two sisters, Jennifer and Elizabeth. He is married to actress Lisa Linde (Days of Our Lives) and they have two children, Jack born on 1 February 2001 and Mary born on 10 August 2005.


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