Joey Fatone Biography

Joey Fatone Biography

Joey Fatone Jr. was born on January 28, 1977 in Brooklyn, New York to Italian-American parents.



From an early age, it seems that performing with entertainment venues is in Joey Fatone's nature. One example of his fearless attraction to the "limelight" is that by the age of seven he made his first appearance as an extra in the film Once Upon a Time in America, a drama about gangsters starring Robert De Niro.

Fatone is from Orlando, Florida where he graduated from Dr. Phillips High School. While much traveled, Joey Fatone often returns to his home land.

Joey Fatone married his long-time girlfriend Kelly Baldwin on September 9, 2004. They have a daughter together named Briahna.

Joey Fatone is most famous from many years singing baritone with the "top of the charts" song and dance group 'N Sync.

Fatone has had a dramatic run on Broadway. Both shows Joey Fatone performed in won major opera awards. With the popular Musical Little Shop of Horrors he played Seymour, and in another famous Musical Rent, he took on the character of Mark.

Also, Joey Fatone performed in the "trippy" Beetlejuice's GraveYard Revue as the character "Wolfie", an Orlando theme park "hip" re-incarnation of Universal's own Wolfman monster.

Joey is a talented actor who has proven a natural style suits him best. He fit right in the hugely successful 2002 dramatic comedy motion picture "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" as Toula's cousin "Angelo". Joey Fatone also acted in acclaimed The Cooler. His experience as a "Wolfie" during Beetlejuice's GraveYard Revue prepared him perfectly for the dramatic placement of another "Wolfie" within the "experimental film" Musical version of folklore entitled Red Riding Hood. Then, returning to the genre of situation comedy seen during the Nia Vardalos classic, Joey Fatone is "part of the family" in a comedy with an ethnic twist called Homie Spumoni.

Joey made a guest appearance on the show Robot Chicken, where he was trained by Pat Morita to battle Britney Spears.

Joey Fatone is working with former band member Lance Bass for a comedy sitcom in the style of The Odd Couple. Bass' character is gay, casting the table for a similar manner of "conflict endured" stylism portrayals seen during the long time prime time television serial. Joey Fatone and Lance Bass previously starred in 2001 for the Miramax film On the Line.

According to a recent appearance on MTV Cribs, Joey owns one of the actual KITT cars used on the series Knight Rider. 

In April, 2007 - Joey Fatone was a contestant on Dancing with the Stars.

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