Jorja Fox Biography

Jorja Fox Biography
Jorja Fox (born on July 7, 1968 in New York, New York) is an American actress.



Jorja Fox's name is pronounced like "Georgia". Jorja Fox is most often credited as Jorja Fox, but has also been credited as Jorjan Fox. Jorja Fox is most notable for her role as Sara Sidle, in the popular American crime drama television series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. A dedicated vegetarian, Jorja Fox has worked with PETA to help promote vegetarianism. Jorja resides in Los Angeles with her dog Ali and two cats, Rumplestiltskin and Sid Poitier. In 2003, she was ranked #80 in Stuff Magazine's list of the 103 s--iest women. Her appearance is notable for having a diastema.

Jorja was raised on a narrow barrier island in Melbourne Beach, Florida, the youngest child of Montreal-born parents. After attending Melbourne High School for two years, she won a modeling contest and moved to her birthplace of New York to pursue an acting career. Enjoying moderate success for independent films, Jorja entered the limelight in 1996 when she appeared on the hit NBC television series, ER, as a recurring character (originally billed as "Jorjan Fox"), the no-nonsense medical intern Maggie Doyle. This character was eventually revealed to be a lesbian; playing up that fame, Fox appeared on the coming out episode of Ellen ("The Puppy Episode Part 2", 30 April 1997).

Jorja went on to film the movies Velocity Trap and Food for the Heart. In 1999, she was cast as the recurring character of the Secret Service Agent Gina Toscano on NBC's series The West Wing. Jorja also appeared briefly in the movie Memento, which starred Guy Pearce and Carrie-Anne Moss.

Jorja is the co-founder of Honeypot Productions, an independent avant-garde theatre company in Los Angeles. The theater company has produced five original productions and Jorja Fox has starred in four, written three, and directed one of them. Friend and HoneyPot co-founder Heather Reid wrote Dear Bernard, which Jorja helped produce. Emily Procter, one of Jorja's friends and a co-star in Forever Fabulous, calls her 'Horha', how Jorja would be pronounced in Spanish, as a nickname.

Jorja is also a musician: she plays guitar (badly, she says) and recently purchased a drum kit. Jorja Fox also sings and writes songs, most notably the song "Lullabye" for the movie Traveling Companion, as well as the song "Satellite" which she published on her official web site.

Jorja Fox and CSI co-star George Eads received some bad publicity in 2004 when they were fired. Jorja had allegedly failed to submit a letter to CBS confirming that she would be on time for shooting. The disputes were resolved in just over a week, and the two were rehired by CBS; however, neither actor's salary was raised like the rest of their co-workers. It was also reported that of the two, Jorja was approached first to resume her contract with CSI - but she refused until Eads was rehired as well.

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