Josh Holloway Biography

Josh Holloway Biography
Josh Holloway (born on July 20, 1969) is an American actor.



Josh Holloway was born in San Jose, California but moved to the Blue Ridge Mountains of Georgia at the age of 2. He is the second oldest of four boys. Holloway developed an interest for movies at a very young age. Josh studied at the University of Georgia but quit after only one year to become a successful model, which took him all over Europe and North America.

Josh's ambition for acting took him to Los Angeles, where he got a role in the comedy Doctor Benny. Holloway followed that up with lead roles in the movies Mi Amigo, Moving August, and Cold Heart. After those roles, he gained notice for his lead role in the Sci-Fi Channel movie Sabretooth with David Keith and John Rhys-Davies. Holloway was also a guest star on CSI and NCIS. He has also made appearances in Good Girls Don't..., NCIS, Walker, Texas Ranger, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation , and Angel. Holloway appeared in the Aerosmith video for the song "Cryin'" as a thief who tries to steal Alicia Silverstone's purse from a diner, but she catches up to him and beats him up. Josh Holloway struggled for eight years before his big break on the hit TV show "Lost".

Currently, Josh Holloway has a leading role in the Emmy award-winning ABC show Lost, where he plays the role of James "Sawyer" Ford, which has given him a Hollywood heart-throb status. In January of 2006, In Touch Weekly named Holloway the "hottest hunk" on television. In the same month, Holloway was voted the 17th s--iest guy worldwide by British readers of OK! magazine.

Josh, Sam Anderson and Daniel Dae Kim play Lost regular characters and played guest characters on Angel. Josh played a vampire in the first episode of the series. Holloway was rumored to be a possible cast choice for Remy LeBeau/Gambit, a character that was not chosen in the end, in X-Men: the Last Stand. According to the Trivia section of the X-Men: the Last Stand movie at IMDb, “Josh Holloway was offered the role of Gambit, but turned it down because the character was too similar to his character on "Lost" (2004). As a result, the character was never added to the film since this would have been a special cameo put in later had Josh decided to sign on.”

Josh Holloway says his hobbies include boating, sailing, snowboarding, martial arts, motor cross, and playing guitar.

On the morning of October 12, 2005, Josh Holloway and his wife Yessica were robbed at gunpoint in their home. The couple was asleep when the gunman awoke them and took cash and credit cards before driving off in Holloway's Mercedes-Benz, which was found abandoned a short time later. There was no evidence that the criminals knew whom they were robbing, or had targeted them because Holloway was a celebrity.

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