Kathleen Robertson Biography

Kathleen Robertson Biography
Kathleen Robertson (born July 8, 1973 in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada) is a Canadian actress.


Kathleen Robertson began acting when she was 10, launching a television and film career in Canada. Her first continuing series was in the Canadian TV Series, Maniac Mansion, from (1990-1993). She played Tina Edison, the eldest of three children and daughter to Dr. Fred Edison (Joe Flaherty). She did not debut on the big screen until her small role in the Brenton Spencer film Blown Away. She was cast in Beverly Hills 90210, where she remained until 1997. Her ex-boyfriend, director Gregg Araki, cast her in the lead of two of his films, Nowhere (1997) and Splendor (1999).


A pert, brunette ingénue who teased the men of "Beverly Hills, 90210" for four seasons, Kathleen Robertson played Clare Arnold on the Fox TV series from 1994-97, with her character departing Southern California for France. Around the time she chose to leave the series, the actress was on the big screen as a trashy lesbian in Gregg Araki's visually striking "Nowhere" (1997).

Kathleen Robertson began to study acting, voice, and dance at age 10. She was still in her teens when she played Tina Edison, the genius daughter, in "Maniac Mansions", a TV series about a family of inventors which aired in the USA on "The Family Channel" (1990-93). In 1992, Robertson had a co-starring role in the Canadian feature "Lapse of Memory" and when she was invited to Los Angeles for its screening, she decided to remain and try her luck in Hollywood. Although only 19 years old, she acclimated quickly and within less than a year, had played a young woman threatened by the plague in "Quiet Killer" (CBS, 1992) and a young woman who, along with Stefanie Powers, was threatened by a street gang in "Survive the Night" (USA Network, 1993). Robertson was also a girl who catches the eye of a troubled teen in "Liar's Edge" (Showtime, 1992) and a rather seductive young woman in "Blown Away" (HBO, 1993).

But it was the role of the somewhat bitchy Clare Arnold, added in part to fill the void created by the departure of Shannen Doherty, that brought her attention. During her tenure on the show, the character interacted with all the major regulars: she romanced Brandon (Jason Priestley) roomed with Kelly and Donna (Jenny Garth and Tori Spelling) and had liaisons with both David and Steve (Brian Austin Greene and Ian Ziering). Since her decision to leave the series coincided with the release of "Nowhere", undoubtedly Robertson hoped that the film might open new avenues in her career. Kathleen Robertson did receive additional publicity when she was linked romantically with its director, Gregg Araki, who had previously self-identified as a gay man.

While Kathleen Robertson's film career did not immediately rocket her into stardom, she enjoyed a steady flow of roles throughout the rest of the nineties and through the millennium. She starred in the Sally Field directed project "Beautiful" in 2000 and co-starred in the teen flick "Scary Movie 2" in 2001. In 2003, Robertson starred in the independent film "XX/YY" which premiered at Sundance. Perhaps signaling a desire to take on more challenging roles, Roberston played a woman who embarks on a three-way relationship with two male college friends, only to find it haunting her ten years later.


  • Born: on 07/08/73 in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada Job
  • Titles: Actor
  • Significant Others / Companion: Gregg Araki. appeared in Araki's "Nowhere"; no longer together


  • Bach Academy, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
  • Dance Centre, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada


  • 1990 Made TV series debut in "Maniac Mansions" (The Family Channel)
  • 1992 Co-starred in TV-movie "Quiet Killer" (CBS)
  • 1992 Made feature film debut in "Lapse of Memory"
  • 1994 Played Clare Arnold on the Fox series "Beverly Hills, 90210"; role was recurring during the 1993-1994 season; made a regular from fall 1994
  • 1997 Played featured role as the blue-haired lesbian Lucifer in Gregg Araki's "Nowhere"
  • 1999 Reteamed with Araki for the menage-a-trois comedy-drama "Splendor"
  • 2000 Had featured role in the Sally Field-directed "Beautiful"
  • 2000 Starred in "Psycho Beach Party"
  • 2001 Co-starred in the spoof sequel "Scary Movie 2"
  • 2002 Cast in FOX ensemble drama "Girl's Club"
  • 2003 Had a leading role in the Sundance screened "XX/XY"

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