Kathryn Morris Biography

Kathryn Morris Biography
Kathryn Morris (born on January 28, 1969) is an American actress most widely known for her lead role in the CBS series Cold Case.


Kathryn Morris's first role was a minor part in the 1991 tele- movie Long Road Home. Over the next few years, several minor roles followed, including a bit part as a psychiatric patient in the Oscar-winning As Good as It Gets.

Kathryn Morris's breakthrough role came when she won the role of Lt. Annalisa "Stinger" Lindstrom in the series Pensacola: Wings of Gold in 1997. She played the role for two seasons. She continued to appear regularly in films, and gained some attention with a brief stint on the Xena series in 1999.

Steven Spielberg cast her in two successive films: her scenes as a rock star in A.I.: Artificial Intelligence, which required her to take singing and guitar lessons, were cut by the director while Minority Report was filming, a film in which she portrayed the tormented wife of Tom Cruise's character.

In 2003, Kathryn won the lead role of detective Lilly Rush in the CBS series Cold Case, in which she plays a passionately concerned but relationship-shy detective assigned to solving murders that are frequently decades old. This brought her some international attention, with the series being picked up in numerous countries.

While starring in Cold Case,  Kathryn has also taken on roles in the 2004 films Mindhunters and Paycheck.

Most sources report Morris was born in Cincinnati, Ohio (though CBS News identifies her birthplace as Dallas). Kathryn Morris was raised in Windsor Locks, Connecticut, and toured the country in the family's gospel band, Morris Code.  Kathryn Morris attended two colleges in the Philadephia area, including Temple University.

As of 2004 Kathryn Morris lives in Los Angeles, California.

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