Katt Williams Biography

Katt Williams Biography
Katt Williams (born in Ohio in 1973) is a American comedian. Katt Williams is the son of a former member of the Black Panther Party.



From a very early age, Katt Williams told his parents he wanted to emulate his idols such as Bill Cosby, Darnell Allen and Richard Pryor by becoming a comedian. In Katt's teen years he crafted his art on the stand-up circuits of Florida, Oklahoma, New Orleans, Sacramento amongst other places.

Williams's big break came in the summer of 1999 when he won Cedric The Entertainerís Anheuser-Busch "Best Los Angeles Comicís" Award. This propelled Katt Williams into the role of 'Money Mike' in 2002's Friday After Next (a character he went on to play at the start of Lil Kim's video for 'Lighters Up' in 2005.

Later in 2001, Katt Williams auditioned for the Montreal Comedy Festival and was chosen as one of the 'New Faces'. Before he stepped foot on stage in Canada, Katt landed an overall deal with NBC Studios and D(dot)nell Productions.

In October 2002, Katt Williams auditioned at Twentieth Century Fox for NYPD Blue and was immediately offered the role. In April 2003, he starred in the Tracy Morgan Pilot for NBC which was picked up for mid-season 2003-2004 on NBC, but eventualy got cancelled. In a Boondocks' episode "Guess Hoe's Coming to Dinner" he voices a pimp named "A pimp named slickback" which is modeled after his character "Money Mike" in Friday After Next. He has also made an appearances in sitcom's such as, My Wife and Kids and Cuts.

Further, in 2003, Katt Williams appeared in Nick Cannonís 'Gigolo', E40ís 'One Night Stand,' Ludacrisís 'Stand-up' and in 2004, Outkastís, 'Roses,' Suga Freeís 'Thinkin,' and Ludacrisís 'Pimpin All Over The World.' Recent music videos he has appered in include Lil' Kim's "Lighter's Up", Paul Wall's "Girl", E40ís 'U and Dat and Suga Free's "Thinkin'".

Katt Williams has also been present in the music industry. He rapped on The Game's mixtape Ghost Unit, where Katt and The Game dissed the Roc-a-Fella group Young Gunz after they claimed he was a "fake ass pimp". In 2006, he was signed to Diplomat Records under the name "Money Mike".

Katt Williams is often seen as part of the audience and as a performer at the Laugh Factory, located on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood, California. He has also performed on BET's Comic View.


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