Kim Jeong-Hoon Biography

Kim Jeong-Hoon Biography
Kim Jung-Hoon (born on January 20, 1980), is a Singer, Actor from South Korean.


Kim Jung-Hoon is a Buddist.  Kim Jung-Hoon has 2 elder brother and sister.  Kim Jung-Hoon dropped out of Seoul National University (majored in Dentistry) and is currently in his final year pursuing Acting and Japanese in Chung-Ang University.

Kim Jung-Hoon shot to regional fame after starring in the comic book-based mega-hit romantic drama Goong, otherwise known as Princess Hours. His trademark impish grin captivated female fans from all over.

While filming the hit drama in early 2005, Kim Jung-Hoon clocked 15 hours a day, 7 days a week. Even now, there is no respite, as he goes into overdrive in the recording studios to prepare for the launch of his new Japanese album, set to be released in late October 2006 in Japan. It will be his first solo album, titled "Five Stella Nights".

Kim Jung-Hoon hardly had time for any shuteye, averaging no more than 3 hours of sleep everyday. On top of his busy working schedule, he has to cope with his university studies. He was quoted telling the reporter for the Straits Times in an interview that all he desires now is sleep. According to an online poll by Korean youths in 2006, he is voted to be South Korea's 10th most beautiful man. When asked about his love life, he was quoted saying that he is "too tired, I just want to sleep now, no time for girlfriends".

This prince-like pretty boy is not all about good looks, Kim Jung-Hoon has got the brains too. Some fan sites peg his IQ score at 146, only 4 points shy of Albert Einstein's.

Kim Jung-Hoon's pet subjects are physics and mathematics, and the book-smart chap topped an examination in 1999 and was admitted into South Korea's top institution, Seoul National University, to study dentistry. However, Kim Jung-Hoon dropped out because dentistry turned out to be quite different from what he had expected, and he was getting bored of it.

Currently in 2006, Kim Jung-Hoon is in his final year pursuing Acting and Japanese in Chung-Ang University. Kim Jung-Hoon, although relishes to being associated with his character, Lee Yul, in Goong, makes it clear that he is not as magnanimous as the prince in the show. He confesses to mood swings and that he is not as kind-hearted and soft as Lee Yul. But, what Kim Jung-Hoon has in common with the ambitious prince is that he wants to do well and always seeks new opportunities. Still, he is kind enough to let on that he had given up his affections for a girl he fancied in 2004, after finding out that an older friend liked he first. Kim feels that that is the right thing to do because he is quite traditional and he should respect his elders. When he was young, his ambition was to be a physics laboratory researcher and never expected that he would be a celebrity that he is now. Kim Jung-Hoon just want to seize the moment, as he thinks that there is no use thinking about the future. Kim, however busy he is, makes time for his favourite hobby, manga. It taught him how to express himself better, and one of his favourite titles is Taiyo Matsumoto's Ping Pong.

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