Lisa Ann Walter Biography

Lisa Ann Walter Biography
Lisa Ann Walter (born August 3, 1963 in Silver Spring, Maryland) is an actress.



Lisa Ann Walter has appeared in such films as the 1998 version of The Parent Trap, Bruce Almighty, Shall We Dance, and War of the Worlds as Cheryl.

Walter also created and starred in the short-lived 1996-1997 sitcom Life's Work.

Lisa Ann Walter is a classically trained actress as well as a singer and comedienne who worked for 10 years perfecting her standup routine. She was born in rural Pennsylvania and raised in suburban Maryland near Washington, D.C., where she remembers "always liking to show off" as a child. Perhaps that was due to her father, who was a geophysicist at NASA and indulged his own unlikely love of performing after-hours in local community theater. Eventually, Walter studied drama at Catholic University of America where she graduated with a bachelor of arts degree and began appearing in various regional and dinner theater productions.

Walter moved to New York and performed at amateur night contests at some of the noted comedy clubs. She married and became a young mother at 24, but she soon had audiences roaring with her dead-on perspectives on kids, domestic life and social issues. After five years of standup comedy, she was cast to star in her own Fox Network comedy series, "My Wildest Dreams," followed by an ABC sitcom, "Life's Work," which she both created and starred in. Walter also co-starred in the critically acclaimed Bravo series "Breaking News" and in the NBC sitcom "Emeril".

On the feature side, in addition to "Bruce Almighty" and "Shall We Dance", Walter received rave reviews co-starring in the hit Disney film "The Parent Trap". In the remake of the original classic, she appeared as the nanny to Dennis Quaid's daughter. Prior to that, Walter played Whoopie Goldberg's tarty sidekick in "Eddie".

Lisa Ann Walter doubled her brood when she gave birth to twin boys in 2000. "I was taught a strong work ethic by my parents, and I'm not happy unless I'm doing two - or even three -- things at one," says Walter. "I enjoy working and raising a family, and I wouldn't want to do one without the other." While she is developing enough material for a return to standup comedy, Walter loves gourmet cooking, reading biographies, dancing and blues music. She resides in Los Angeles with her four children, including son Jordan, daughter Delia, and twin boys Simon and Spencer.

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