Lisa Edelstein Biography

Lisa Edelstein Biography
Lisa Edelstein (born May 21, 1967 in Boston, Massachusetts) is an American actress. Edelstein grew up in Wayne, New Jersey and attended New York University.



While still in her teens, Lisa Edelstein, known as "Lisa E.," caused enough of a stir on the 1980s Manhattan club scene to be dubbed New York's "Queen of the Night" by writer James St. James.

Lisa Edelstein began her acting career as a guest star on shows such as Seinfeld, ER, Just Shoot Me, Frasier, Without A Trace and Sports Night, before becoming known for recurring roles on The West Wing (as Sam Seaborn's intimate date turned high-priced call-girl), Ally McBeal and Felicity. Lisa Edelstein also played Laura in the movie Black River.

In 1996, Lisa became part of the cast of the 1996 Superman television series, playing the voice of Mercy Graves. Lisa Edelstein has reprised this voice role on several projects, most recently on an episode of Justice League and Justice League Unlimited.

Lisa currently stars on FOX's medical drama, House as Dr. Lisa Cuddy, the Dean of Medicine and chief administrator at the fictional Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital. Lisa Edelstein is something of a foil to the protagonist, Dr. Gregory House. She won a Satellite Award in 2005 for her role in House.

Lisa is also a playwright, having written and composed a musical called "Positive Me" an early AIDS-related piece.

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