Lisa Loeb Biography

Lisa Loeb Biography
Lisa Loeb (born on 11 March 1968 in Bethesda, Maryland, United States) is a singer-songwriter and reality TV star.


Raised in Dallas, Texas, Lisa Loeb attended The Hockaday School, one of the top all-girls private schools in the United States. After graduating from high school in 1986, Lisa went to Brown University where she graduated in 1990 with a degree in comparative literature.

At Brown, Lisa Loeb and Liz Mitchell formed a band named Liz and Lisa, featuring future singer/songwriter and fellow Brown classmate Duncan Sheik as a guitarist. The duo released the albums Liz and Lisa and Liz and Lisa - Days Were Different independently. Lisa Loeb had also developed a following from her solo acoustic performances on the New York City coffeehouse circuit, where she sold a collection of her songs referred to as The Purple Tape.

Lisa's big break came when she was discovered by actor and friend Ethan Hawke, who lived in an apartment across the street from her in New York City. Lisa Loeb met Hawke through mutual friends in the NYC theatre community. Hawke gave a tape of Loeb's song Stay (I Missed You) to director Ben Stiller during the making of the film Reality Bites. Stiller subsequently agreed to use the song in the film and on the film's soundtrack. Stay ultimately went on to become a number one hit on the American charts.

In 1995, Lisa Loeb's debut album Tails was released. The album was co-produced by Juan Patiño, her then-boyfriend. Although none of the singles from Tails could quite match the breakthrough appeal of Stay (which was also included on this album), Loeb had moderately successful radio hits with Do You Sleep?, Taffy and Waiting For Wednesday. Tails went on to acheive platinum status.

In 1997 a second album called Firecracker was released. Though critically praised it did not have the commercial success of Tails, but the single I Do was very popular on radio and music television. The song How was contributed to the soundtrack for the film Twister. The single Let's Forget About It was also released. At this point Lisa dropped her support band Nine Stories.

Lisa Loeb did not return to studio recording until 2002's Cake and Pie. The album was a commercial failure and did not receive any major backing or promotion from her record label. Lisa Loeb was eventually dropped, and she bought the rights to the masters of the songs from that album. It was re-released independently in late 2002 with the songs rearranged and some deletions/additions. New packaging was also featured, and it was retitled Hello Lisa. In 2003 a children's album, called Catch the Moon, was independently released. Videos from this album have been featured on the Noggin TV network for children, alongside those of Laurie Berkner and Dan Zanes, rockers who have crossed over much further into the children's music field.

In May 2004, Lisa Loeb announced that her longtime relationship with Dweezil Zappa was over.

In 2004, Lisa changed record labels once again, due to a lack of promotion from her former label Artemis Records. Lisa Loeb was signed to the independent label Zoe/Rounder, and The Way It Really Is was released August 2004. The album was Loeb's fifth studio recorded album. Despite poor sales, Loeb still toured the country to promote the album, thus causing her fan base to grow.

Lisa Loeb's latest album The Very Best of Lisa Loeb was released in January 2006.

When not touring, or doing other promotional work, she resides in Los Angeles.

Lisa Loeb has dabbled in acting, and has been featured in several TV appearances. Lisa Loeb's acting debut was in a guest appearance on the television show The Nanny in 1997. Lisa Loeb played the voice of a newborn baby in The Rugrats Movie in 1998, and in 1999 was featured as a news reporter in the horror film House on Haunted Hill. 2004 brought about the release of the film Serial Killing 4 Dummies which featured Lisa in her largest acting role yet. On January 16, 2004, her reality show Dweezil & Lisa first aired on Food Network, in which she shared title billing with her longtime boyfriend Dweezil Zappa. In 2005 she appeared on the Colbert Report as herself as part of a small gag wherein the eponymous host couldn't remember all the lyrics of Stay, and asked Loeb, who was standing by a camera with her guitar, how it went. She sang and strummed a little to jog the host's memory. She has also been featured as the voice of Mary Jane Watson in the MTV produced animated show Spider-Man.

On November 15, 2005, the E! Channel announced that Loeb would be starring in her own reality show called #1 Single. The show filmed in the fall and winter of 2005, in New York City, where Lisa Loeb was working on her as-yet-untitled album. The show format is Loeb "dipping her toe into the dating pool for the first time since college", and also highlights her "one-of-a-kind approach to life." The core of the show focuses on her quest for love, success, career and family. The show, which premiered on E! Channel in January 2006, is an eight-part series. Its debut coincided with the release of The Very Best of Lisa Loeb.

Lisa Loeb is easily recognized by her eye-wear - Lisa is almost always seen wearing her trademark, dark or tortoiseshell framed, sometimes cats-eye shaped, spectacles. Many compare her looks to those of Nana Mouskouri. Lisa Loeb claims to be allergic to contact lenses.

In the past Loeb has been known to wear designer clothes to red-carpet events including pieces by "Miss Marple" & "Petro Zillia".

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