Mario Lopez Biography

Mario Lopez Biography
Mario Lopez, Jr. (born on October 10, 1973) is a American actor, born in San Diego, California, USA.


Mario Lopez's first role at the age of 11 was as the drummer on Kids Incorporated in 1984. Lopez is a capable drummer and has been seen in his many television roles playing the instrument. Lopez became known in the early 1990s as A.C. Slater in the popular television sitcom Saved by the Bell. Lopez's character was a muscular, athletic student, which helped garner the actor a sizeable teenage-girl fan base. He also maintains a close friendship with fellow castmate Mark-Paul Gosselaar.

Since Mario's stint on Saved by the Bell and the show's spin-offs, Lopez has enjoyed a career as host of a variety of television contest shows. Lopez hosted Pet Star on the Animal Planet channel and was co-host of ESPN2's ESPN Hollywood. He is the captain of the L.A. Armed Response team on GSN's Extreme Dodgeball. Like fellow Saved by the Bell actor Dustin Diamond, he was also featured as a celebrity guest on The Weakest Link.

At least as late at 2001, Mario Lopez likeness was featured in the Disneyland attraction Space Mountain in Anaheim. He played a space captain that informed guests of the adventure-to-come while they waited in queue for the ride.

Mario Lopez played the role of Olympic gold medalist Greg Louganis in the made-for-television movie Breaking the Surface, based on Louganis's autobiography.

In March 2006, Lopez joined the cast of the daytime soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful playing the role of Dr. Christian Ramirez. As of July 18, 2006, he will be released from his B&B contract, but may continue with the show on a recurring basis.

Mario will guest star as a plastic surgeon who drives Christian to jealousy over his good looks in at least one episode of Nip/Tuck during the show's fourth season, which begins in Fall 2006.

Mario Lopez played off this notoriety in a parody of the film Brokeback Mountain that aired on the Comedy Central show Mind of Mencia. Furthermore, there exists an Internet subculture devoted to extreme homos--ual innuendoes of all things Saved by the Bell-related. The character of Slater plays a central role in many of these stories, which often possess scatological conclusions. The character became somewhat of a phenomenon on the Internet after the distribution of a SBTB clip of Slater fighting Zack with heavy metal music with the caption, "Don't Mess With A.C. Slater!" (Although the most popular caption is "Don't F--- With A.C. Slater!")

Mario Lopez is a graduate of Chula Vista High School (1991). He married his long-time girlfriend, actress and model Ali Landry, in 2004. However, just two weeks later, the marriage was annulled amid rumors of infidelity on Lopez's part. [citation needed]

Later in 2004, after a speaking engagement for the students at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, he became angry when he found out that the student government had decided to house him for the night in a dormitory, instead of procuring him a hotel room.

A parody of Mario Lopez started on the Internet after syndicated SBTB reruns began airing. The internet series is titled 28 Day Slater, which is a play on the name of a 2002 horror film 28 Days Later. The series is created by Team Tiger Awesome and can be viewed on their website, on Channel 102 (where the series originated, or on YouTube. The series is basically about Mario Lopez's life (played by a look-a-like named Derek Alvarado), who thinks he is still A.C. Slater in Saved By The Bell.

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