Melody Thornton Biography

Melody Thornton Biography
Melody Thornton (born September 28, 1984) is an American singer, dancer, songwriter, and occasional model who rose to stardom as a member of the successful pop group the Pussycat Dolls. Thornton assumes the second most prominent vocal role in the group, after lead vocalist Nicole Scherzinger, and is distinguised for her melismatic vocal runs.



Melody was born in Phoenix, Arizona to a Mexican mother and African American father. Melody Thornton's talent was first discovered at an elementary school talent show when she sang Mariah Carey's "Without You".

Melody Thornton saw the Pussycat Dolls on MTV and heard they were auditioning for a new group member.  Thornton went to the audition and was recruited in December 2003. For her audition Thornton only sang and was still accepted into the group. As with the other Dolls, she is a salaried employee of Interscope Records.

Melody started her solo career collaborating with rapper Jibbs in the song "Go Too Far" in his debut album Jibbs feat. Jibbs. Nothing is confirmed of her solo album and Melody said no such thing to Blender magazine. Thornton was confirmed by Tyrese to be on his latest album in a song called "No Such Thing As Happiness (No Perfection)." Thornton currently wrote a duet called "You're My Reason" which she has asked Omarion to collaborate with.

Melody assumes the soprano vocal roles during the group's live performances, and is also known for her melismatic vocal runs. Melody Thornton's toughest challenge being in the Pussycat Dolls is learning the dance routines as she has never had any dancing background. As for her vocals, she claims that she would like to master the whistle register one day.

Melody is dating rapper Bow Wow.  When asked in an interview, "What do you look for in a guy?", she replies, "Iím young, so Iím still pretty shallow, and I go for muscles... I like guys that are buff! Thereís nothing wrong with that. I mean, heís gotta be intelligent... sometimes."

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