Nadia Bjorlin Biography

Nadia Bjorlin Biography

Nadia Bjorlin (born on August 2, 1980 in Newport, Rhode Island) is an American actress. However, Nadia Bjorlin lived in Sweden until the age of 7.


Nadia Bjorlin's exotic looks are from her mixed Swedish-Persian background. Her father was the Swedish composer and conductor Ulf Björlin (1933-1993). Nadia Bjorlin's mother, Fary, whose background is Persian, is an interior decorator. Bjorlin speaks Swedish, Farsi (Persian), French, Italian, Russian and English and can sing in other languages as well. Though best known as an actress, Nadia's official website states that she has a CD that will be coming out sometime in 2005.

Nadia Bjorlin Biography

Nadia Bjorlin's major exposure has been on the soap opera Days of Our Lives, where she first appeared as the character Chloe Lane in December 1999. At first, Chloe was portrayed as a nerdy and geeky kind of girl with big glasses. Eventually, Nadia's character developed into a quiet beauty who could also sing. She also developed a crush on Brady Black, portrayed by actor Kyle Lowder.

Nadia originally left Days in June 2003 to concentrate on her singing career. Nadia's character moved to Europe to be an opera star. Nadia returned on a recurring basis in November 2004 after her character supposedly had a disfiguring car accident. In September 2005, Nadia left Days of Our Lives again and joined the cast of the UPN series UPN S--, Love and Secrets in the fall of 2005. Bjorlin will also appear in the 2007 Maxim/Stuff calendar, available in the fall of 2006.

Nadia often makes appearances on the Fishbowl radio program 'Coming Out with Reichen', hosted by her good friend Reichen Lehmkuhl. Fishbowl Radio Network is an Internet radio station for reality television alumni.

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