Nick Lachey Biography

Nick Lachey Biography
Nick Lachey (born November 9, 1973, in Harlan, Kentucky) is a pop music singer who rose to fame in the mid-1990s as a writer and joint lead vocalist along with founding member Jeff Timmons of the boyband 98 Degrees. The group also included Lachey's brother Drew Lachey and classmate Justin Jeffre. He married fellow pop star Jessica Simpson in October of 2002.

The couple starred in the hit reality television series Newlyweds which ran on MTV for four seasons from 2002-2005.

Following months of rumours and tabloid speculation, they announced their seperation in November 2005, and were divorced in early 2006.


Nick Lachey was born on the border of Kentucky and Tennessee in Harlan, Kentucky to German-American parents. He attended Cincinnati's well regarded public School for Creative and Performing Arts, developing his vocal talent and aspiring to become an entertainer. However, it wasn't until while studying at Miami University in Ohio (majoring in Sports Medicine) that he realized his dream and followed his SCPA pals to Los Angeles. Nick with his friend Jeff Timmons plus his brother Drew and classmate Justin Jeffre all auditioned in Hollywood and formed the nineties boy band 98 Degrees.

Formed in 1997, 98 Degrees had a successful second album named 98 Degrees and Rising. It was released at number 14 on the US charts, and the band started a nationwide tour to promote it. As the introduction act, a young girl named Jessica Simpson performed for the band and took an interest in Nick.

After dating for fours years, and breaking up for five months, the pair kept in contact since the late nineties, and Nick Lachey married fellow ex-pop star Jessica Simpson in October 2002. They had both since had a series of failures in the music industry: Nick faded off the map after 98 Degrees, and Jessica had low sales in both albums Irresistible and In This Skin. They needed some heavy promotion to push their careers further and father of Jessica, Joe Simpson, had the perfect idea. He thought it would be great to watch the superstars' newly married life and see how they are actually normal.

Newlyweds premiered on MTV in August of 2003 to a huge amount of viewers and recognition. The outrageous quotes, hilarious lifestyle, and mega-spending of the young couple made Newlyweds a phenomenon. Many famous moments included Jessica confusing tuna and chicken, and thinking that buffalos had wings. The couple were sprung straight back into the spotlight. As proof of their success, Jessica re-released her flop album In This Skin. It flew off the shelves and climbed up the charts eventually going triple platinum. Nick felt it was his turn.

On November 11, 2003, Nick Lachey released his first solo album, called SoulO. Despite being released during the success of Newlyweds, the album received poor ratings and sales when compared to those of Jessica Simpson. He released two singles from the album: "This I Swear" (the theme song from Newlyweds) and "Shut Up", a pop track featured in Newlyweds as Lachey was making the video.

Nick Lachey has appeared in films: Bewitched and The Hard Way, both in 2005. He co-starred on Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica, a reality TV show with former wife Jessica Simpson. The TV show ran for 3 seasons between 2003 and 2005. Lachey later guest starred on the TV hit Charmed.

In early 2005 rumors circulated that Nick Lachey was back in the studio after SoulO failed to chart how he had anticipated in 2004. Nick soon confirmed that he was indeed back in the studio and he told how he was filming his own reality show along with Newlyweds. It reportedly followed Nick in making a record to re-ignite his career. Within no time leaks were in the media and the album was reportedly titled All I Have - this was never confirmed.

Nick Lachey made his comeback into music with the single "What's Left Of Me" in February of 2006 when he released the single on The song, which is the debut from his new album, has received huge amounts of airplay and gone to number one on In interviews promoting his album, Nick has confirmed it is due out in May, will focus on his life in the past year and will also have an MTV reality show that follows the making of it.

In October of 2005 it was alleged by an Ohio State University student named Danielle Calo that Lachey coerced her into a hotel room in Columbus, Ohio for a make-out session. Nick Lachey's representatives deny the rumors, and it is reported that Calo later called WNCI’s Morning Zoo radio show and denied most of the claims she made in the Star interview. Lachey was in town to film a broadcast of ESPN College Game Day.

Though Nick Lachey and Jessica spent many hours on other people's TV screens while at home and first married, the two insisted they lead a very private life beyond the spotlight. Since early 2005 Nick and Jessica had constantly been denying troubles in their marriage and made a point to be seen together denying the claims. Reports surfaced that both Nick and Jessica had committed adultery - Jessica with co-star Johnny Knoxville on The Dukes of Hazzard set in 2005.

Even though they constantly denied the rumors the couple announced that they'd separated in November of 2005. They soon put the famous mansion they shared on the market and Jessica filed for divorce on December 16, 2005. She cited "irreconcilable differences".

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