Nick Nolte Biography

Nick Nolte Biography
Nick Nolte (born on February 8, 1941) is an Oscar-nominated American model, actor, and producer.


Nick Nolte was born in Omaha, Nebraska. His father, Frank Nolte, a farmer's son and an itinerant irrigation pump salesman of German descent, was an All-American candidate at Iowa State in 1934. His mother, Helen King, was a department store buyer; her father invented the hollow-tile silo and was prominent in early aviation. Nolte's maternal grandmother ran the student union at Iowa State University.

Nick Nolte was educated at Omaha Benson High School and Westside High School, Omaha; Arizona State University (on a football scholarship); Eastern Arizona College, Thatcher, Arizona; and Phoenix College, Phoenix, Arizona. Poor grades eventually ended his studies, at which point Nolte's career in theatre began in earnest. After stints at the Pasadena Playhouse and Stella Adler's Academy in Los Angeles Nolte spent several years traveling the country and working in regional theaters. In 1962, Nick Nolte was given five years probation for selling fake draft cards.

Nick has a lengthy screen career, including parts in B-movies and television films. Nolte has starred in over 40 films playing a wide variety of characters. Diversity of character is Nolte's signature of his film career. Nolte is known for his trademark athleticism and gravel-voiced characters. According to a written note owned by Richard Donner, Nolte was the first choice to play Superman in the 1978 film starring Christopher Reeve.

Nick Nolte has been a heavy drinker. Katharine Hepburn remarked about him falling down drunk in every gutter in town, to which Nolte replied, "I've got a few to go yet". He has been working on achieving sobriety since 1990.

Nick Nolte had a drug problem, but a subsequent rehabilitation helped his career. Nolte received help at the Silver Hill Hospital in Connecticut after being arrested on suspicion of drunken driving in Malibu, California. Tests showed the influence of GHB which Nick had unknowingly ingested and his infamous mug shot was posted on The Smoking Gun web site. He still smokes cigarettes. Nick is staying youthful by a regimen of vitamins and eating organic food only.

Nick Nolte has been involved with Sheila Page, Karen Louise Eklund, Sharyn Haddad, Debra Winger, Vicki Lewis, and Rebecca Linger. Nick is currently divorced. Nolte has an older sister, Nancy, who was an executive for the Red Cross. Nolte had a son with Rebecca Linger, Brawley King Nolte. The son is also an actor, having prominently featured as Mel Gibson's kidnapped son in the 1996 film Ransom.

Nick Nolte currently resides in Malibu, California.

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