Nicole Richie Biography

Nicole Richie Biography
Nicole Richie (born on September 21, 1981) is an American socialite. The adopted daughter of Lionel Richie, Nicole Richie is best known for not contributing anything to society.


Nicole was born "Nicole Camille Escovedo" in Berkeley, California. According to an April 2006 Tatler magazine interview with Richie, her biological father was a drummer who worked with Lionel Richie; her biological mother was a backstage assistant for Lionel. It is rumored that her biological father is musician Pete Escovedo (brother of musician Sheila E.), but Richie denied this in a November 2005 interview with Jane magazine. When Nicole was two, Lionel and his wife Brenda Harvey-Richie informally adopted her and raised her as their daughter. When she was nine, they went through the legal formalities of the adoption; Nicole Richie still speaks with her biological mother. Richie says of her heritage that she is a "mix of everything", but when asked, she just says she is black. Her godfathers are Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones.

A year later, Lionel and Brenda split, and in their guilt over the separation, "Their way of making me happy was to say yes to everything I wanted, but I don't think a little girl should have that much freedom", said Richie in an interview with Vanity Fair magazine.

Nicole has studied the guitar, cello, violin, piano, and figure skating. Richie attended The Buckley School in Sherman Oaks, California. Nicole Richie also attended the University of Arizona to study Arts and Media for two years after graduating from Montclair Prep High School. Quincy Jones said in a People magazine interview that he has "known her since she was a baby. She's a very smart girl. When she was younger she worked eight hours a day for eight years to become an Olympic figure skater. She's a very talented girl."

Nicole and Paris 'The Simple Life Goes To Camp'Richie and heiress Paris Hilton starred in the 2003 reality series The Simple Life, in which they lived for a month with a family in the rural community of Altus, Arkansas. In the second season, The Simple Life 2: Road Trip, the girls traveled the American South driving a pink pick-up and living in a trailer. In the third season The Simple Life 3: Interns, the girls traveled the East Coast on a bus, staying at 15 different families' houses.

In late 2005, FOX did not renew The Simple Life, explaining they did not see a place for it in their schedule.  A month later, cable network E! picked up the fourth season, The Simple Life 4: 'Til Death Do Us Part, in which the girls traveled around California, acting as the mother of the family, raising kids for a day and acting as a wife to the father, though both would do tasks separately and not be seen together on screen. The Simple Life 5 was scheduled to begin production in November 2006 and air in April 2007, however, filming has been put on hold due to Richie's health problems. The fifth season of The Simple Life, titled "The Simple Life Goes To Camp" is currently in production, and is scheduled to debut on E! May 28th.

Nicole made her acting debut with a supporting role as cheerleader Kelly Stepford in the 2005 movie Kids in America. Nicole Richie has also made guest appearances in such TV shows as MADtv, 8 Simple Rules, Six Feet Under, and American Dreams. Recently, Richie appeared in her father's music video for "I Call It Love", opposite Adam Rodriguez.

Another project of Nicole's is a music album. Nicole has stated to Tyra Banks while appearing on her talk show that her main career focus was and has always been music and that she's wanted to be a singer since she was a young girl. Richie was a member of the rock band Darling. Nicole Richie and model Josie Maran and socialites Soleil and Sofia Alberti were members.

As of August 2006, Nicole has six out of ten tracks finished for her record. In September 2006, Richie announced that she will soon debut the artwork for her album on her official MySpace page, however 3 days after the blog was posted, it was taken down and her record label status was changed to "none." This caused the thought that Richie has been either dropped from her label or the label wants to keep everything under wraps until promotion begins. As of April 2007 no artwork has been posted nor confirmed and her album has seemed to be put on hold. Speculation is that she is working on getting healthy and then starting promotion for her album.

Nicole Richie wrote a semi-autobiographical novel, The Truth About Diamonds, which was released by Bharell Jackson Publishing. The novel is loosely based on her life, but is mostly fictional. It chronicles Chloe Parker, the adopted daughter of a singer who makes her way through all of the hottest nightclubs and parties in Hollywood and battles a drug addiction. It was rumored that a character in the book, Simone Westlake, was based on Paris Hilton.

In an interview in the March 2007 issue of OK! magazine, Nicole said: "I have a style book that I'm working on. And I'm launching a jewelry-and-accessories line, a sunglasses line and doing my own perfume."

On April 20, 2005, amid media reports that their friendship was in trouble, Paris Hilton, who had been friends with Richie since childhood, released a statement saying, "It's no big secret that Nicole and I are no longer friends", and "Nicole knows what she did, and that's all I'm ever going to say about it." A circulating rumor was the story that Richie had shown Hilton's s-- tape at a party; though Richie has denied this. Richie, however, said "There's nothing that really happened, we've just grown apart."In October 2006, Richie and Hilton reportedly reconciled their friendship.

In an interview in the March 2007 issue of OK! magazine, Richie said: "It got so blown up that at the VMA's in August, the woman who was looking after me was having this intense vibe with her walkie-talkie, like, 'Okay, come to the stairs, go through this back door.' I didn't understand why I was doing this maze, and finally Paris and I crossed paths. The escorts were really trying to make it so we didn't see each other. It was ridiculous. When we ended up talking again, we recapped that night and laughed."

In February 2003, Nicole was arrested in Malibu, California and charged with possession of heroin. She was also driving with a suspended driver's license.

On December 11, 2006, Richie was arrested by the California Highway Patrol after she failed a field sobriety test and was charged with driving under the influence on California State Route 134 in the Burbank/Glendale, California area. Several motorists had reported a black Mercedes-Benz G-Class entering the freeway on the exit ramp and traveling in the wrong direction.  Nicole Richie admitted to using marijuana and Vicodin before the incident.

In the spring of 2006, Nicole made media headlines with a dramatically thinner appearance, after spending two seasons of The Simple Life slightly heftier than usual. In May she told Vanity Fair, "I know I'm too thin right now, so I wouldn't want any young girl looking at me and saying, 'That's what I want to look like." She also said, "I started seeing a nutritionist and a doctor. I was scared that it could be something more serious." During this time it was reported that she had also sought the help of a psychiatrist and a personal trainer. Later that year, in September, Richie stated "I am not anorexic. I am not bulimic. I do not have an eating disorder."

In Elle Girl's 2006 Prom issue, in which Nicole appeared on the cover, she said that it upsets her when people come up to her and ask her if she has a problem. Nicole Richie maintained that skinny was her natural body type and there wasn't anything she could do about it.

On October 27, 2006, it was announced that Richie was seeking treatment for "an inability to put on weight", though it is not treatment for an eating disorder.

In March 2007 Richie was taken to the hospital for dehydration and on March 21 her Reps announced she was diagnosed with hypoglycemia.

In an interview of OK! magazine on March 2007 Nicole said: "I don't care about any other rumor except the one that I have an eating disorder. That really bothers me because there are people who truly have eating disorders and it is a serious disease. To put that title on someone when it is not true is disrespectful. I've repeatedly said, 'No, I don't have an eating disorder,' and it has fallen on deaf ears."

Nicole dated Canadian music producer and entrepreneur Brad Salyn for several months in 2002. The two continue to be friends, with Salyn producing several tracks on Richie's upcoming debut album.

Nicole Richie became engaged to club DJ Adam Goldstein, also known as DJ AM, in February 2005. They had been dating since 2003 and were set to marry in the summer of 2006. On December 7, 2005, she and Goldstein broke off their nine-month engagement, but they were publicly seen together again in March 2006.

In August 2006, Richie began dating Brody Jenner, a life-long family friend. According to US Weekly, Nicole and Jenner split up in October 2006.  Richie posted an entry on her official MySpace blog to clear the air: "I know there are rumors regarding my “breakup” with Brody Jenner. The truth is, we were never really together. We hung out, and he’s a nice guy, but my heart was never in it. Anything further is just a cry for publicity."

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