Nikki Reed Biography

Nikki Reed Biography
Nikki Reed (born on January 17, 1988) is an American film actress, producer and writer. Nikki Reed is perhaps best known for her participation in the 2003 film Thirteen.



Nikki was born in Los Angeles, California, the daughter of Seth Reed, an American set designer and his ex-wife, who has Cherokee Native American and Italian ancestry. Nikki was raised mostly in the Jewish religion.

Catherine Hardwicke was Nikki's father's ex-girlfriend, a director, and also a close friend of Reed's family. She asked Nikki Reed to write a script with her. Originally they were going to make a teenage comedy, but instead Reed wrote something based on the experiences she went through as a teenager.

Nikki and Hardwicke co-wrote the script for the semibiographical film in six days, a relatively fast time for a Hollywood script to be written. The film was filmed and released in 2003 to glowing reviews, giving Reed recognition in Hollywood as both an actress and a screenwriter. Following the film's release, Nikki also appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and hosted a number of award shows, including the Young Hollywood Awards (2003), and the Independent Spirits Awards Nomination Show, followed by the West Independent Spirits Awards, both in 2004.

Nikki has continued to participate in racy roles that involve the portrayal of s--ually promiscuous teenagers, including Lords of Dogtown, also directed by Hardwicke. In early 2006, Nikki Reed appeared on the series The O.C. playing Sadie, a new love interest for the character Ryan Atwood.

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