Niurka Marcos Biography

Niurka Marcos Biography

Niurka Marcos
(born on November 25, circa 1977) is a Cuban-Mexican singer, dancer and actress who was born in Havana. Niurka Marcos is better known simply as Niurka Marcos.



Niurka already had a son when she moved to Mexico, leaving him behind to look for a better future. Niurka Marcos was a little-known actress in Cuba.

In Mexico, Niurka Marcos started having some mild success on Televisa Spanish Soap Operas, until she met producer Juan Osorio. Marcos and Osorio began dating in 1998.

Niurka then became a star on many of Osorio's productions, they moved together and had children. Marcos and another actress started receiving threatening calls at their homes in 2003. So far, police have not been able to identify the perpetrator of these calls.

Niurka and Osorio were planning to get married in February of 2004. Early in January, however, Niurka Marcos shocked the Mexican media, and the Latin American media in the United States, by revealing that she had been having an affair with her Lazos de Amor co-star Boby Larios, and that she was leaving Osorio for Larios. The news caused a wide-spread scandal, and Marcos has not spared Osorio from public insult, blaming the break up on, among other things, lack of s--ual relations between the two.

Niurka has also released a CD, named Niurka.

On February 19 of 2004, Niurka and Larios got married in Mexico City. Soon after, the got a standing ovation at the Premios Lo Nuestro in Miami.

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