Rachel Griffiths Biography

Rachel Griffiths Biography
Rachel Griffiths (born 4 June 1968 in Melbourne, Australia, is a film and television actress. Although her name is Welsh, she is actually of Irish Catholic extraction, and has an uncle on her mother's side who is a Jesuit priest, and who officiated at her wedding.



Griffiths was a relative newcomer when cast in the film Muriel's Wedding (1994) as the loyal friend Rhonda, and the success of this film furthered the careers of both Griffiths and her costar Toni Collette.

Rachel Griffiths received an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress for her role in Hilary and Jackie (1998). Although a sought after actress in Hollywood productions, she returns to Australia frequently and continues to act in Australian films.

Rachel Griffiths' American roles have required her to master an American accent, and in the 2001 film Very Annie Mary, Griffiths adopted a Welsh accent to star with a predominantly Welsh cast as a young woman from the valleys of South Wales.

Rachel Griffiths' continuing role as Brenda Chenowith in the HBO series Six Feet Under earned her Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild awards, as well as two Emmy Award nominations.

Rachel Griffiths married Australian artist, Andrew Taylor, on 31 December 2002, in Melbourne and the couple have two children. Their son, Banjo Patrick Taylor, was born on November 22, 2003, in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, and their daughter, Adelaide Rose Taylor, was born on June 23, 2005, in Los Angeles, California, thus giving the younger child dual US/Australian citizenship.

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