Ryan Gosling Biography

Ryan Gosling Biography

Ryan Gosling (born on November 12, 1980) is a Canadian actor.


Ryan was born at St. Joseph's Hospital in London, Ontario to Mormon parents Thomas and Donna Gosling. Ryan Gosling was raised in Cornwall, Ontario, and received his start in show business singing with his older sister, Mandi, at local talent shows. He credits his mother for turning him around from a troubled youth. She quit her job to home school him when Gosling got into too many fights at school. As a child, Ryan Gosling was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and treated with Ritalin. Ryan Gosling luckily found an outlet for his energy in the Mickey Mouse Club season six and seven. Ryan was selected from a pool of thousands to join the New Mickey Mouse Club in 1993 alongside the likes of Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, JC Chasez and Justin Timberlake, with whom he lived while working on the series. Ryan Gosling apparently caused an uproar among the mothers of young Mouseketeers when it was discovered that Britney and Christina had asked Gosling about s-- and he enlightened them about various s--ual positions.

Ryan became well known after his roles in the television series Young Hercules and Breaker High, and his fame spread to the United States after he'd starred in such films as The Slaughter Rule, Murder by Numbers, Remember the Titans, The United States of Leland, The Notebook, and The Believer (which was the 2001 Grand Jury Prize winner at the Sundance Film Festival). Ryan Gosling's performance in the 2006 film "Half Nelson" has generated Best Actor buzz. Gosling has not had formal training as an actor but has been praised for his intense and heartfelt performances.

Ryan says of his Mormon upbringing, "My parents were more Mormon than I was." Gosling now considers himself "religious but nondenominational".  In 2004, Gosling was named one of People magazine's Fifty Hottest Bachelors, and named the Show West Male Star of Tomorrow.

With two of his friends, Ryan has opened a Moroccan restaurant called Tagine in Beverly Hills, California. He is also involved with the ONE Campaign, which works to help the poorest people of the world overcome AIDS and extreme poverty.

Ryan is an accomplished jazz guitarist and singer, and has performed at The Cat Club on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood. Ryan was also a backing singer on Canadian band soulDecision's 2000 album, No One Does it Better. Gosling picked up his love of music from his father who plays the piano. Ryan Gosling has mentioned that he plays the guitar as hobby on a frequent basis.

Ryan is an animal-rights activist, and wrote a letter to Kentucky Fried Chicken on behalf of PETA, urging the company to improve its treatment of animals.  A celebrity with a social conscience, Ryan has traveled to Darfur and Katrina-devastated areas to assist in relief efforts.

Ryan has found love on movie sets, first dating much older co-star Sandra Bullock in the film Murder by Numbers. After their parting, Ryan found love with The Notebook co-star, fellow Canadian Rachel McAdams. They are rumored to be engaged.

Ryan Gosling and McAdams famously re-enacted their smouldering kiss on stage at the 2005 MTV Movie Awards where they won the Best Kiss award for their passionate rain soaked kiss. Much to the delight of The Notebook fans, the couple nicknamed "McGosling" and "McRyan" have been photographed grocery shopping and walking their dogs together.

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