Terri Clark Biography

Terri Clark Biography
Terri Clark (born on August 5, 1968 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada) is a country musician.



Terri Clark grew up in Medicine Hat, Alberta and moved to Nashville at age 18. There she played at Tootsie's Orchid Lounge, where she got her start. She signed with Mercury Records, and her first single, "Better Things to Do," reached No. 3.

Terri Clark was the first Canadian woman to be inducted into the Grand Ole Opry on June 12, 2004. She is married to tour manager and acoustic guitarist, Greg Kaczor.

Terri Clark had also been offered a Playboy magazine cover which she turned down. The offer came because she was voted the 2nd s--iest woman, after Shania Twain.

Her newest album Life Goes On was released on November 1, 2005 after being pushed back several times. It contains the heartfelt touching ballad "She Didn't Have Time". It took over 18 months to record it for several reasons. When she split from Mercury, she lost the entire album. There will be no more singles released off the album. Clark promoted her Greatest Hits album by touring with Reba McEntire and Brad Paisley in the "Two Hats and a Redhead Tour."

Terri Clark's hits include: When Boy Meets Girl, Emotional Girl, Poor Poor Pitiful Me, A Little Gasoline, Now That I Found You, If I Were You, Three Mississippi, Easy on the Eyes, Every time I Cry, I Wanna Do it All, Slow down Sailor, Just the Same, Better Things to Do, Girls Lie Too, No Fear

In late November 2005, Terri Clark moved to Vancouver Island, British Columbia. She left Mercury Records Nashville in March of 2006.


  • Terri Clark (1995)
  • Just the Same (1996)
  • How I Feel (1998)
  • Fearless (2000)
  • Pain to Kill (2003)
  • Greatest Hits (2004)
  • Life Goes On (2005)

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