Traylor Howard Biography

Traylor Howard Biography
Traylor Howard (born on June 14, 1966, in Orlando, Florida, USA) is an American actress.



Traylor Howard attended Lake Highland Preparatory High School in Orlando, Florida. Traylor graduated from Florida State University with a degree in Communications and Advertising and a minor in English.

During her teens, Traylor Howard starred in various advertisements. Traylor's most notable roles to date are as Natalie Teeger, Adrian Monk's (Tony Shalhoub) assistant on the USA Network television series Monk, and as Sharon Carter, the "Girl" of the title of the 1998-2001 sitcom Two Guys, a Girl, and a Pizza Place (later retitled Two Guys and a Girl). Howard also starred in the short-lived sitcoms Boston Common and Bram & Alice alongside Alfred Molina. She also made an appearance on the Foo Fighters' video for "Breakout."

Traylor Howard is currently (2006) divorcing her husband of three years, Christian Navarro and was rumored to date George Clooney in 2000.

Traylor Howard Biography

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