Tyler Hilton Biography

Tyler Hilton Biography
Tyler Hilton (born on November 22, 1983 in Palm Springs, California) is an American singer/songwriter and actor. Hilton, while still somewhat unknown, hit the music scene in 2000. Rolling Stone has compared him to his contemporary, Jason Mraz. Hilton has also been compared to John Mayer, both vocally and instrumentally. His live shows are mellow, but Hilton plays with energy; nevertheless, fans say they can tell how much he loves what he does. Since the release of his first album he has branched out into acting as a regular on the WBís television show One Tree Hill and played Elvis Presley in the Johnny Cash biopic Walk the Line.


Born in Palm Springs, California, Tyler Hilton grew up around music. Tyler began teaching himself Elvis Presley songs at an early age. When he was 13 he moved to the Bay Area and the first song he wrote was influenced by a girl who went to school with him in seventh grade. Hilton made another move back to Coachella Valley for high school, where, at La Quinta High School (La Quinta, California), he started a band with some of his classmates. The band was a dead end and Hilton began to enter open mic nights and went to local coffee shops to play his own music.

Tyler Hilton heard a local radio station was giving away Jonny Lang concert tickets and called into the Mark & Brian radio show on KLOS in Los Angeles at the age of 16. While on the phone, he did an ad hoc performance of version of Jonny Langís song ďBreakiní Me.Ē Mark and Brian were so impressed with Hiltonís performance that they gave him a spot at the stationís Christmas concert. Word of Hilton caught the ear of Maverick Records and he signed a recording deal shortly after. Work on his first major album, The Tracks of Tyler Hilton, began and the songs were recorded quickly. The album was released on September 28, 2004. After the release of his album, Hilton joined the likes of Avril Lavigne, Jet, 50 Cent, and Josh Groban as an artist chosen by AOL Breaker for his star potential.

Tyler Hilton had been interested in acting since high school. Around the same time of his albumís release, the 18-year-old auditioned for the part of Chris Keller, a "troubled musician" on The WB's hit drama One Tree Hill. Producers were impressed with his audition and signed him for the show in 2004. In addition, Hilton landed the role of Elvis Presley in the biopic Walk the Line, starring Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon. Hilton performed the Elvis songs Milk Cow Blues and That's All Right during the film and for the soundtrack.

In the Summer of 2005 Tyler opened for Hilary Duff on her "Still Most Wanted" tour and finished it before she left the states.

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